Oh, how very kind!

Phobiazero would like to thank the following people for various contributions and support to this site:
  • Tunefish (coding: poll, members, messageboard, calendar)
  • Pinkcalx (general contents, reviews)
  • Christopher Miller (discography info)
  • Wolf (album cover scans)
  • Andreas Schepers (rare interviews and pictures)
  • Joyrex (album cover scans)
  • Aleksander Zawisza (contributor of the 'saw ii graphical faq', 'rants and fun facts' and interviews/images)
  • Richard Pateman ('2 remixes by afx' coverscans and samples)
  • Med ('Secret Tracks 2' coverscans and sample)
  • Cipher ('Drukqs' album/promo coverscans)