AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 3

Releasedate February, 1993
Catalog CAT-008CD
Available formats CD/LP

01. .215061 (CD Version) [3:50]
02. .1993841 [7:59]
03. .0180871R [4:11]
04. .942937 [4:31]
05. .0180871L [3:48]
06. .000890569 (CD Version) [4:46]
07. .55278037732581 [4:19]
08. #8 [4:02]
09. #9 [5:01]
10. AFX 6/B [0:32]
11. #11 [4:39]
12. #12 [0:50]
13. #13.1 [5:02] #13.2 [0:09]

Additional info
  • Reissued in UK 1997.
  • As neither of the UK issuances of the cd release for "Analogue Bubblebath Volume 3" come with any type of sleeve or inserts, their tracklisting is not featured anywhere on their packaging or on the discs themselves. In fact, their discs (for all releases) have absolutely no print on them whatsoever - both sides look the same except that the call number, "CAT 008 CD", is digitally etched into their run-out grooves onto the non-playable side. The corrections are as appear above.
  • As both the original pressing and the reissuance of the UK cd for "Analogue Bubblebath Volume 3" are nearly identical, the only way to scrutinize one from the other are from three subtle differences. The first (and most obvious) is the packaging. The first pressing comes in either a slimline jewel case housed within a clear plastic 'bubblebag' [a plastic bag with bubbles on it, like the ones used for packing and shipping], or in the slimline jewel case by itself. Both of these come with an identical 10.4x3.7cm black [photocopied print] on white paper sleeve sticker. The reissuance also comes in a slimline jewel case (without the `bubblebag'), but this time has a 10.6x3.7cm black & blue [print] on white glossy sleeve sticker affixed to its front. Where on the original sleeve sticker it states: "66% more bubbles", the reissuance credits: "written and produced by Richard D. James". Also, where there were originally 'bubbles' printed [in black] on the original sleeve sticker, they have now been replaced with equal-sized blue [print] APHEX TWIN logos. The second difference between the two pressings is that the second pressing comes with an additional black [print] on white glossy sleeve sticker affixed to the back of its jewel case (which features production/release information, as well as information pertaining to its 12" ep. companion release (CAT 00897)). The third difference is in the 'etchings' on the center rings of both of the discs. The original cd release is encoded with the following information: "CAT 008 CD", and: "Mastered By Nimbus". The reissuance on the other hand is encoded with the following: "A6213 CAT 008 CD : |:0", and: "IFPI L123 NIMBUS IFPI L123".
  • The Japanese cd for "Analogue Bubblebath Volume 3" comes with a
    transparent inlay tray, which allows an additional picture sleeve to be visible beneath it. This release also comes with a standard obi-
    strip, as well as a rectangular green & white [print] on black sleeve
    sticker affixed. This issuance does in fact come with a picture
    sleeve (merely a photograph of the first UK pressing of "Analogue
    Bubblebath Volume 3" in its original `bubblebag'), which in turn
    includes an actual tracklisting as well (the disc itself also has
    printing on its non-playable side). Within the front sleeve is an
    additional black & white fold-out insert which features the tracklisting, information (in Japanese) on AFX and the RePhLeX label
    (and its Japanese release schedule), as well as a cartoon featuring a
    manga cariacture of Richard James.
  • The Japanese cd for "Analogue Bubblebath Volume 3" incorrectly
    identifies track #1 and #6 as simply ".215061" and ".000890569",
    respectively. Tracks #8, #9, and #13 are identified as "(CAT 00897-
    AA1)", "(CAT 00897-A1)", and "(CAT 00897-A2)", respectively. Also,
    tracks #11 and #12 are misleadingly identified as "(CD Only Track
    #1)" and "(CD Only Track #2)", respectively. The corrections are as
    appear above.
  • On the UK and Japanese issuances of the cd for "Analogue Bubblebath Volume 3", there is one untitled piece which is not acknowledged in the tracklisting. The piece begins at the 5:05 minute mark of track #13 and continues along its duration. The corrections are as appear above.