Rumore Magazine - Drukqs

Short article in italian Rumore Magazine regarding Drukqs. Scan provided by WooferAttack. As you can see, is mentioned along with some other sites. The translation below the scan is made by Ruben Francioli.

"Verve's drugs didn't work as the same Verve admitted. Will Aphex Twin's anti-formal ones work?
It's impossible knowing something by him, but already 2 months before Drukqs would be sold in the record stores, many internet forums about this issue has started among the fans. There's a huge number of unofficial sites dedicated to Aphex twin. On, someone splitted the album tracks between ambiental and rithmic ones. More then one curiosity can be satisfied by, or too. Reading the messages of the forums we discover that someone seem to know that the 30 compositions (splitted into 2 cd's) were created using 3 different kinds of computers (but that's not sure, because Aphex Twin usually has a passion in manipulating machines and softwares, creating new personal ones). Some forums assure that some polls say that the fans opinion is that Drukqs it's the best Aphex Twin album in his carreer. The less appreciated song it's Nanou2, obviously because it ends the record. What about Richard D. James? He announced just on internet that he didn't compose any track of the album: he said he found them on the net among many Aphex
Twin fakes and imitations made by others."