SonicNet chat transcript

Chat: Mon, Feb 17, 1997

RDJ Hey everyone. It's Richard.

ApheX-b0i Do you enjoy Marilyn Manson's music?

RDJ Never heard of Marilyn Manson.

Fresh Tell us about the Caustic Window record.

RDJ It's on my computer and I haven't gotten around to finishing it 'cause I am too lazy.

Fresh Tell us about the tracks you're doing with Squarepusher.

RDJ I have done 4 tracks so far with Squarepusher. When I move I am going to do more. The ones I did with Tom are ridiculously mental.

ApheX-b0i Have you ever chewed on a mushroom?

RDJ Definitely, plenty of times.

Telex What keyboards do you use?

RDJ I don't use keyboards anymore. Just computers.

Hillie Is it true that you played some of your own unreleased tracks at the Blech party in New York?

RDJ No, I played some old ones.

Fresh What's going on with Rephlex? They've been quiet the last couple months.

RDJ We have been pretty busy. Loads of new stuff is going to come out this year.

eggg Would you describe your music as "bad?"

RDJ Yes, I would.

ndeyonk What do you eat for breakfast and do you listen to your own music?

RDJ I eat little children for breakfast with soy milk. I go to bed with my lap top quite regularly.

isadora Do you think of yourself as a superstar?


Hun I've heard you had an awful experience in Moscow. Are you gonna' come to us one more time?

RDJ I would love to come to Moscow again, but I almost died of food poisoning the last time.

threehz Do you have an email address?

RDJ Yes:

threehz Do you do a lot of drugs? Have you in the past?

RDJ I am really stoned now.

Hun Do samples from Spectrum 48K tapes appear on your RDJ Album?

RDJ Yeah they do. I am trying to make a track out of the spectrum noises loading in.

threehz Do you have any MAJOR influences?

RDJ My mom and myself. Stockhausen is also an influence.

threehz When you think of your fans, what kind of people do you think of?

RDJ They are a complete variety of people. Listen, I am wrapping this up now. Does anyone have any demos to send me? Or a pixel-vision Fisher Price camera? Bye!