Chaotic concert in Hultsfred 1999

Fans Stormed Aphex Twin's Concert

The prejudices about danceartists who anonymously hide behind their machines has suddenly gained new gravity. In the weekend, Aphex Twin literally did that, afraid of being stabbed. He did have some words as he appeared later, though.

During the performance of the technovirtuous Aphex Twin there were some weird scenes. Some overenthusiastic admires almost succeded in destroying the whole setup when they stormed the stage intheir hunt for their idol. Himself hid behind his turntable, frightened to get stabbed. Richard D. James as his name really is seem to attract all kinds of madness to his person. After earlier stories about fans who named their children after him or wanted to be buried with his records, the sick admiration is felt openly at this year's Hultsfred Festival.
Through the years he has played behind some of the most defining moments of electronic music. Even since the last part of the 80ies it has succeded him to create music that none thought existed, under his various aliases. In spite of this I find it hard to see why admirers in these underground technocircles could want to disrupt this, in Sweden uncommon, performance by storming the stage like hysterical boyband fans.

Despite the events, Richard is in a good mood when i meet him after the concert. In his tent he generously offer a drink and talk about the festival.
- I thought the guy who jumped the stage wanted to stab me.
He claims that that it was from fear of further attack that he was on his knees behind his turntables during the remainder of the performance.
- I would rather hang out with my friends than be here. Festivals have never directly attracted me. Further I dont appreciate when people try to stab me, he points out, laughing.
He even tips me enthusiastically about a new artist at his own label, Rephlex.
- One of the blokes who are with me and play here today is from Finland. Did you know that?
- We probably have material for a whole 5 albums with him. Good stuff!
Or as he says himself, It's wicked!
What else do you think of Hultsfred?
- I dunno. Ive just been in Sweden in two hours, and im soon going back to London.
Youre not going to bathe in the lake later, then?
- Unfortunately I have a cold. If not, I would have went and bathed. It would have been fun. I saw people who used the lake as toilet earlier. A chick went and nudebathed over there. Exactly before that I pissed there.

Scan contribution by: Maria Ström
Translated by: Mikkel Eriksen