The Diceman F.A.Q

Excerption from the unofficial Diceman F.A.Q maintained by Christopher Miller and Maarten D. Schermer.

"THE DICEMAN is the alias used for a project by Colin James. Colin James is also known as Jolly James, and Greg Retch (of ex-MEAT BEAT
MANIFESTO), and has also done remixes/production under the pseudonym of Sound Defence Policy. Other guises he works under are L.M.N.O., BOB AND IAN, SOLACE, MUSICAL DIRECTOR, and EMANON (which all have releases on the Vivatonal label).

All releases by THE DICEMAN have been mistaken as being by Richard James (of THE APHEX TWIN), even though they sound absolutely nothing like anything like he has ever put out. This misconception is mainly due in part because he had released a track on the "Artificial Intelligence" compilation under the alias of THE DICE MAN (notice the differential separation of 'Dice' and 'Man'). This however is the only song he has released using this name, and after finding out about the 'other' DICEMAN he was forced to retire this alias.

In addition, the THE DICEMAN releases (on Vivatonal) give credit to "Jolly James", "C. James", and "S. James". The last name of 'James' seemed to have mislead a lot of people. And, although "S. James" (Scott James) is not the same person as Colin James, he is neither Richard James.

Richard James, aka Aphex Twin, Polygon Window, AFX, and several thousand other names, has only released one track as The Diceman, the confusingly entitled "Polygon Window" on Warp Records' 1992 "Artificial Intelligence" compilation (LP/CD, WARPLP/CD 6). He was subsequently forced to drop this name when a previously existing Diceman took umbrage, and it's this Diceman who appears on the "Vivatonal" collection (Vivatonal CD, VTTCD 01). The original Diceman is, to add further confusion, an unrelated Colin James. "Vivatonal", which feature mixes by Kris Needs, The Sabres Of Paradise, and Spooky, is actually entirely the work of Colin James working under no less than five pseudonyms. (...)"