Hurray! Riff's Madness from Murray!

This is so cool...Murray sent me some Aphex Twin riff's for you to play with - mainly for you guitarplayers. Since, I'm not into this kind of...instruments, I'll just paste Murray's message below:

"There will be some Aphex Twin Riffs, U-Ziq riffs, Cylob Riffs and some Mike and Rich riffs. I will point them out as i go along. When there is a comma it is another part of the song And if you need to hold a key down i shall put 'HOLD'. There is one guitar riff for Come to daddy when put through monster distortion sounds exactly the same. (h) means a higher version of the note and (l) means a lower version of the note."

Aphex Twin-Mt Saint Micheal + St Micheal Mount

D# (Hold for a bit) D# E C# F# E (repeat)

Aphex Twin-Vordshborn

A A A A G B B B B C (repeat)

Aphex Twin-Helisophan

(left hand, constantly going through the song) F, A#, D#, C

(Intro part) F E# F G# F, A# G# F, C D# C D# F, F E# F G#

(Note: you must match up the intro with the left hand, the left hand is in four parts and so is the intro. Its all about co-ordination, you will get it eventually)

(Main Riff) , A# G# G D#, C A# G# G F

Aphex Twin-Ptolemy

(Main Riff) G# - D# D# F# F# F# - F# F F F# (repeat)

Aphex Twin-Donkey Rhubarb

(Main steel drum Riff ) C F A, C F A, C F A, G B D, G B D, G B D

Aphex Twin-Goon Gumpus

(1st Part) F F E F E D C C=20


C C C D E F=20

C C C D E F=20

E E E F E D C B A G A B (Repeat)

(Note: there is more to this than what ive put down but if anybody wants it that badly write to me at my e-mail at the bottom of the page)

Aphex Twin-Milkman

(Anologue riff through middle of song) A A A A - A B B B B G- G A G - G A G, A A A A - A B B B B D

Aphex Twin-IZUS

(Tune) F#, F# F C#, A# G# (Repeat)

Caustic Window-Itallic EyeBall

(Main Riff) C# D# G D# D#

C# D# G G# G D#

C# D# G G# A# G# A# B

A# G# G E D#

Mike and Rich-Giant Deflating Football

(Main Begining riff) E F F# G C C A C D

Mike and Rich-Bu Bu Bu BA

(Bass Riff that starts the song off) A, A D C A, A C E G


(Main 'Music box' Riff) F, D E F A C(h) B C E(l) C D E G A# A A# D G F E D C C C(h) C C(h) C C(h) (repeat)

U-Ziq-Make it funky

(Main starting Riff) B B E F# A, B A F# A (Repeat)

Mike and Rich-Winner takes all

Main riff

E E(h) B E(h),E E(h) B E(h),E E(h) B E(h),E E(h) B E(h), E D(h) D#(h) = E(h), E D(h) D#(h) E(h)

(Note if you want to do the high impact thing at the miidle of the song =just repeat E D(h) D#(h) E(h) in a different sound)


Main riff

A, C, F, D, G, C (repeat)

Aphex Twin-Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix) Guitar

E -------------|-----------------|---------1-------------

A ----3-------|-------2---------|---------3---------------

D ----5-------|-------4---------|-------------------------

Strum *8 | Strum *8 | Strum *12

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