V5 issues and information

I guess you're all curious about the V5 progress and all:

The new MB with the integrated member system is now ready and it's amazing to use (we prefer minimalistic/custom-made/speed issues instead of slow/3rdparty packages). We need to BETA-test it a lot tho - some of YOU will be invited to try it out before the actual release. Please, don't ask us to pick YOU, we have already choosen a few, trusted regulars on the board and they will receive instructions within a few days.

Yes, we have recruited some people who'll help us out in V5. The new discography-section will grow a lot and become an essential part of the site. It'll be integrated with the MEMBER-database in various ways and this will bring up some new cool features (not mentioned here). Christopher Miller (well-known rdj discography guru) has joined us and will contribute and manage the new discography. Who could possibly be better for this task?

Andreas Schepers (well-known ex-aphextwin webmaster -> andreas.de/aphextwin) is a new moderator on the MB and will contribute with news/interviews/reviews in V5. Cool as hell.

DJ Fony is also a new moderator and will have similiar tasks as Andreas. A great new crew-member!

Phobiazero (that's me), Tune and Gonzola (aka Pinkcalx) are still here to serve you with your AFX-needs. V5 would not have been possible without Tune (praise him).

Oh yes, we need some Australian/Asian moderators as well. Send me a message if you're interested.

We won't tell you much more about V5 improvements for now (we don't want concurrent sites to steal ideas before we actually launch them ourselves). Stay tuned for more info.