Aphex Twin gets ten-minute standing ovation

"APHEX TWIN received a ten-minute ovation last night (June 11) following a rare live appearance in DUBLIN.

The publicity shy DJ/producer, real name Richard James, was playing the Temple Bar Music Centre accompanied by his occasional travelling revue - the Rephlex Disco Assault Systems Inc.

James, ever recognisable in long ginger hair and beard, stuck to a recipe of jungle, breakbeat and the occasional classic, such as The Specials' 'Gangsters'. Earlier support had come from Rephlex DJs Cyclob, Rephlex Master Control and Mike Dred.

The Rephlex onstage crew, in typical James left-field fashion, included several freaky dancers, a large man in a half-peeled banana costume and a bearded cohort who sprayed champagne from the stage into the crowd.

James was playing at the invitation of a 21-year-old animation student and long-time electronica obsessive Eoin Kidney who, it is said, paid for the show with money inherited from his late grandmother. Aphex Twin and his collective had played at Belfast's Shine club the previous evening (June 10)."