Meet the Acapella artists

Info from the Nimoys - the group behind the acapella remixes, found in the CUSTOM SECTION.

The Nimoys are Josh and Marc Nimoy, two brothers from The States. Josh is a Design | Media Arts Major at UCLA in California (a school which offers a course on the "History of Electronic Music"), and Marc is a music major at UC Irvine, specializing in classical guitar. The brothers have been musically & artistically trained in childhood and have been creating pop music together for their friends since they can't remember. The band has always been a side-project to everything else in their careers, yet it keeps the brothers unified at a time of college, where they can't see each other as often as they would like. Together, the brothers communicate over the Internet to create novelty remixes and dance/pop music. They are appreciated only locally, mostly in the UCLA Fine Arts and graphic design circles, but
have been enjoying recent media attention as one of the rare sample-mixing music groups in a rock-and-roll dominated California University system. The Nimoys are best known for their jazz-lounge-breakbeat sound. Most recently, Josh and Marc have been creating instrumental IDM film scores for UCLA student films. In the future, the brothers hope to continue creating music at this slow of a pace, hesitant to sign with labels, and above all, to entertain their friends until the end of time.

Aphexapella is an ongoing project in which The Nimoys are in search of anyone capable of scatting, and sample-sequencing. They are aiming to produce a whole collection of acapella'd Aphex Twin. The concept behind the Aphexapella is that Aphex Twin (being a great master at his art) would sound very ironic and different if taken out of its electronic container and placed into a more "traditional" musical pallet. To The Nimoys, Richard D. James' work qualifies as Mozart and Beethoven's. To the brothers, RDJ's compositions are meaningful enough that it should not matter what textures he uses to fabricate his masterpieces. Can you imagine what it would be like if MTV asked Aphex Twin to do an "unplugged" show? What kind of orchestra would he arrange? Would he even accept the offer? Aphexapella explores this artistic opportunity. The Nimoys are always open to contributors!

The Nimoys