London Planetarium Drukqs session

Not really news but here is an NME-article on Drukqs preview session held in London last week:

APHEX TWIN premiered his first studio album in five years at the LONDON PLANETARIUM last night (August 2).

'Drukqs' is Aphex Twin's first album since November 1996's 'Richard D James' LP. Until yesterday, only a handful of representatives at his label Warp and a select number of journalists had been given the chance to hear the record.

However, last night, approximately 100 invited guests and competition winners visited the famous London tourist attraction to hear the album.

The album was accompanied by a visual show, with each individual track from the record illustrated by a star constellation projected on the Planetarium roof.

Depending on the tempo of each individual track - the album varies from unrelenting electronica to ambient piano - the star constellations varied in their style.

One fan who attended the listening party told NME.COM: "I felt like I was floating out of my body throughout. The album is pretty dark in places, but the other side of that is the whole ambient piano which I guess is classic Aphex Twin. The Planetarium was the perfect venue to hear the record for the first time!"

'Drukqs' is set for release in mid-October.